Karoon Taekwondo Academy's programs for kids teaches your children the skills they need to be successful! In our martial arts programs, your children learn valuable lessons in self-defense and self-discipline, giving them the confidence that helps keep them safe and excel in school!

Key Benefits to this program:​
Body Conditionining
Poomsae Competitions
Fighting Competitions

We  help your child fulfill his or her potential by giving them a standard to aim for... a standard we call '​The Black Belt Attitude', which is the ultimate realisation of the behaviour we re-inforce at the Academy


"The Black Belt Attitude"

I will work hard every day, to be the best I can be

I will respect my instructors and fellow students at ALL times

I will help others by sharing what I know and being kind

I will train my mind as well as my body, by working hard at school

I will apply the black belt attitude at home as well as in class

I will not use Martial Arts to hurt or bully others

I will not use foul language or disrespect anyone’s religion and race

I will not judge anyone else’s ability… but concentrate on my own training

I will not let my parents and teachers down by being lazy and unhelpful

I will not give up when things get tough… I will work harder!

Viktor Our Gold Champion
Viktor Our Gold Champion

Viktor - Top Class Gold Champion Cadet for the London Open International 2013

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