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Karoon Taekwondo Academy offers a wide range of programmes for kids at Sobell Leisure Centre & Finsbury Leisure Centre. It eaches your children the skills they need in order to be successful! In our martial arts programmes, your children learn valuable lessons in self-defence and self-discipline, giving them the confidence that helps keep them safe and excel at school!

Key Benefits to this program:​
Body Condition
Belts Tests


Karoon Taekwondo Academy believes that our beginner kids martial arts is an effective way to instil confidence, self-esteem, and respectfulness to others. The confidence they earn as they succeed in taekwondo helps them to succeed in school academically and socially.

We achieve this by following the 5 main objectives of the programme, which are:

​To provide a safe, fun environment in which children can develop good quality skills

To encourage natural talent, a positive attitude and team player/leadership qualities
To develop the maximal extent of their physical and communicative abilities
To increase their Self Confidence and 

To enable children to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment

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