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Master Shaikh

Is proud to be an integral sponsor of the Karoon Tae Kwon Do community in Islington. He has been at the forefront of all activities at the club since early 2012 and is responsible for the administration, demonstrations and general teaching. He has contributed extensively in developing the Tae Kwon Do community here in Islington by being a point of contact for youngsters, parents and companies wanting further information on the Club and arranging free lessons and trials. He has not only provided the facilities at this centre but has contributed considerable time and through sponsorship finance (Aptyd Ltd) for arranging and providing transportation to UK and national Tae Kwon Do events and competitions (Feb 2013, 4 Gold Results and record 9 Gold in May 2013), and also supporting the purchase of all the equipment and clothing at this centre. Master Shaikh deeply involves himself in teaching the young and beginners at the Academy.


His passion for teaching Martial Arts started with his three children and has progressed to developing specific training sessions for people new to Martial Arts. Master Shaikh has over 35 years’ experience in a variety of styles. Indeed, since joining the Martial Arts 'family' in 1977 when he commenced learning the disciplines of Judo, Karate, Chen Su, Chinese Boxing and Chinese Snake Style, Master Shaikh has made it his mission to ever develop and build on his knowledge. More importantly he has embraced Tae Kwon Do since 2012, training under Senior Master Shajirat.


Master Shaikh has always believed in the principal of hard work and this basic belief is inspired into all his students.

Master Shaikh



"It is not for us to judge the failings of a man but merely to accept the essence of his being”

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