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              LEVEL                 MONTHLY FEE                QUARTERLY FEE             ANNUAL FEE
        Under 7yr Old
£50                               £135                             £240
        Under 12yr Old
£55                               £150                             £240
        up to 12yr Old
£60                               £165                             £300
£65                               £180                             £330

For everyone interested in training at Karoon Taekwondo, first trial session is free. This will be your opportunity to be introduced to our club and the sport and martial art of taekwondo. Before and after class there will be plenty of time to discuss any aspects of training which you are curious about. For your first class all you will need to bring is some loose fitting sport clothes; like a t-shirt, shorts, or a tracksuit. Once you have done the first class you are then free to decide whether you would like to start regularly training with us.


If you do decide to join our regular timetabled classes, the fees are as detailed below. Please note that since 2010 we only accept payments via Direct Debit. Annual British Taekwondo license, insurance and club membership will cost £50.


Advanced students will also need a complete set of WTF approved protective gear. This can be purchased through the club.


Uniform can be purchased from the club, sizes 100-130 cost £30, sizes 140-160 cost £35 and sizes 160-190 cost £45.


We offer family and student rates. We welcome all ages, genders and abilities. Come along for a FREE TRIAL and if you think stretching flexing and kicking your way to better health is for you then join.


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