Taekwondo is a "today's" form of self-defense combining many different styles of martial arts 

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    To provide a Taekwondo Dojang Club for people of all ages with differing levels of ability to train together, have fun and enjoy the martial art of Olympic Style WTF Taekwondo to their own level of achievement. So whether you wish to train to competition level or just for general fitness, this London martial art academy is suitable for you.

Olympic Style Taekwondo

The word Taekwondo translates into English as the way of foot and fist – an accurate description of the principles behind this Korean martial art. Powerful kicks and punches are, literally, the name of the game, which offers tension, drama and plenty of action.

Self Defense
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Self Defence Training for Youths/Teenagers

- Knife defence

- Street defence

- Structured training


Self Defence Training for Adults

- Men and Women aged 18+

- Crash courses available

- Fast results


Private Training for Security Personnel

-1 day to 5 days session crash courses

- Private one to one training and group training

Excellent Results for ALL Students

SPECIAL OFFER - Free Trial Lesson !